• Importance of Looking Presentable

    Importance of Looking Presentable

     Importance of Looking Presentable Appearance Matters :  Every human being likes appreciation. When you get a good compliment on looking presentable or looking good, you will feel happy. So when you feel happy inside you will look healthy outside. So, looking presentable or looking good impact you both mentally and physically to feel happy and to be healthy. Looking presentable or looking good is very important nowadays. Appearance matters in many situations. That is a fact of life. Aesthetics or looking good or presentable are important, just not in the way you think, it is how well you treat yourself and how neat and clean you are to look presentable.…

  • Burning Out
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    Are You feeling More Stress Out Than You Realize – May Be Signs Of Burning Out

    Are You Feeling More Stress Out Than You realize – May Be Signs Of Burning Out Stress is a part and parcel of busy lives nowadays. In modern days almost all person more or less is suffering from stress ie. one in four people in the workforce feels stressed, but when our stress levels hit the roof, we find ourselves in a state of a very high stress then it is called burning out. Burning out is a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion which results from continual high stress and heavy workloads. Burnout is not always as simple as tiredness, or declining performance at work, or a low mood.…