Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

Try these Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal, Sensitive and Acne prone skin

As you all know just 7 minutes exposer under the sun can cause skin tanning. Increased time under the sun can cause sunburn, pigmentation and even photo-aging. So, wear sunscreen every day before you step out. So, you can protect yourself from sun damage.

Do everyone needs Sunscreen?

Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

  • Yes, everyone over the 6 months should use Sunscreen. A few minutes of sun exposure can cause skin damage. Skin started to burn 7 mins after the sun-exposed, but sunscreen for baby is different. Baby should use infant Sunscreen.
  • Wear sunscreen every day before you step out even if it’s just for a grocery errand or a day at the beach. Sunscreen with good  SPF  provides guaranteed protection from up to 97% harmful sunrays. 
When to apply

Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

You can apply Sunscreen after cleansing and hydrating and before putting on makeup. When you are going for office, outdoor activity, going to meet your friends in the daytime between 10 am to 4 pm, just apply this and you’ll be ready with a glow that is also protecting you.

For those who love to step out and have some fun in the sun, you don’t have to think twice about tan-lines. But don’t use sunscreen at night as it will block the pores of the skin and can cause skin damage and skin problems like acne, pimples, blackhead.

Types of Sunscreen

There are two types of Sunscreens.

1.Chemical Sunscreens –

It acts like a sponge absorbing sun rays. Chemical sunscreen contains many chemical ingredients.

  • It blocks  UVB ray of sun.
  • It sometimes irritates sensitive skin.
2. Physical Sunscreens –

It is less allergic, thick and white, mostly sportsman like cricketer uses it on their face and while applying on the face it gives a white cast over the face and body.

  • It blocks both UVA and UVB ray of sun. 
  • It contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
  • It doesn’t cover as much as Chemical sunscreen.
  • These are recommended for sensitive skin.

What types of  Sunscreens should you use

Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

There are lots of sunscreen in the market. Sunscreen should be comedogenic, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. It should contain both Physical sunscreen and Chemical sunscreen. If you have more sensitive skin then look for physical Sunscreen otherwise you can use both sunscreens. Make sure your sunscreen has the required amount of SPF and both UVA  ray and UVB ray protection.


SPF –  Sun Protecting Factor
  • SPF  is how long the protection against the sun rays will last for or
  • How much time a person can be exposed to the sun before getting burn.
  • SPF saves you from UV rays.
  • Fair skin tone or if you sunburn easily should apply Sunscreen with more SPF.
SPF level or SPF Gause is calculating this way below –

if  SPF 15  then ( 15 Χ 10 )150 min

So, you have to reapply after every 150 min for SPF 15  sunscreen.


Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

SPF  15  -→ It gives 150 mins or 2 hr 30 min protection.

SPF  20 -→ It gives 200 mins or 3 hr 20 min protection.

SPF  30 -→ It gives 300 mins or 5 hr protection.

SPF  40 -→ It gives 400 mins or 6 hr 40 min protection.

SPF  50 -→ It gives 500 mins or 8 hr 20 min protection.

SPF  70  -→ It gives 700 mins or 11 hr 40 min protection.

SPF 90 -→ It gives 900 mins or 15 hr protection.

SPF Protection in %

Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

SPF  15 -→ It gives 93 % of UV sun ray protection.

SPF  20 -→ It gives 95 % of UV sun ray protection.

SPF 30-→ It gives 97 % of UV sun ray protection.

SPF  50 -→ It gives 98 % of UV sun ray protection.

SPF 70 -→  It gives 98 % of UV sun ray protection and provides prolonged protection.

Ultra Violet radiation of sun:

Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

UV ray damage skin and age it prematurely. There. are 2 types Ultra Violet radiations.

1.UVA – Ultra Violet A ray

  • It has a long wavelength. It considers to be the most damaging underlying skin cells and activating the premature aging process.
  • It is the main cause of aging and wrinkling.90 % of wrinkle caused by sun damage.
  • Even on a cloudy or rainy day, it penetrates through the skin just like anything.

2.UVB – Ultra Violet B ray

  • It has a short wavelength.
  • It is not as potent as UVA.
  • The central cause of sun burning and tanning.

PA –  UVA protection. It blocks harmful UVA sun rays and protects skin from sun damage, such as sun spots and skin darkening.

PA+         – Least UVA  protection

PA++      – Medium UVA protection

PA+++   – Maximum UVA protection

How much amount  of Sunscreen should you use 

Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

See the pictures above the shadow of two umbrellas are different.

  • Longer is the shadow sunburn is less compare to smaller the shadow. 
  •  Usually, a shadow is longer in the morning and evening as compare to Noontime. So, smaller the body shadow more should be the sun protection application.
  • Again more is the duration of sun exposer then more should be the SPF level. Higher is the SPF higher is the sun protection.
How to apply
  • Always apply sunscreen on your fingers first and tap it all over the skin to pack it just like a mask you are creating but don’t rub your skin.
  • You should apply sunscreen approximately 15 – 20 minutes before the exposure. As 15 – 20  minutes is enough time for your face to absorb the sunscreen lotion applied. Don’t move the power on the sunscreen lotion. Just pat it with a sponge or brush. This will set your sunscreen on the face.

Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

Full  sunscreen protection is a must —Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

Just because you are wearing sunscreen it does not mean that you are protected. Still, you should use a hat, umbrella, scarf, sun goggles which also act as a are like physical sunscreen according to your comfort level and try to cover your exposed body parts like hand shoulder, chest  as much as possible to get protection from harmful rays of the sun,try not to go out  between 10 am to 4 pm if not very urgent as sunrays are very strong in these time.

Below are some photos of physical sunscreen like hat, umbrella, scarf, sunglass etc.Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin
Must try Sunscreen with SPF  which are travel-friendly pack specially designed to be carried everywhere you go.

Best Sunscreen For Oily to Normal,Sensitive and Acne prone skin

A lot of us ignore the importance of sunscreen in the skincare routine, but to have a bright supple & youthful skin you need to take good care of your skin from dust, pollution & harmful ultraviolet radiations from the sun. I happen to have oily skin & finding the right sunscreen was very challenging for us Some were very sticky others made your face white. Some must use sunscreen with SPF are given below.


water-resistant sunscreen with SPF 25

Product description

What it claims–

Joves water resistant Sunscreen fairness lotion is developed scientifically using licorice, carrot, sandal, Chamomile, aloe vera, and other herbal extracts that have properties to [protect skin from the harmful effects of sun rays. Its powerful herbal extracts shall make skin visibly fairer and even toned. It is easily absorbed into the skin and forms a protective layer and also helps to maintain moisture balance An excellent formulation for all skin types. Sun Expert UV + Fairness Lotion is the all-around care and protection that your skin needs this summer. With the new non-sticky and light formulation created especially for the hot and humid Indian weather

Method of use –

Apply all over face, neck and leave on. Use twice a daily.

Ingredients –

Aloe vera, Chamomile ext., Carrot ext, Licorice ext., Sandal ext.


It a light formulation and lotion-based.So, it will absorb to your skin very easily within 1 to 2 mins. It won’t give you breakouts. You can use it before applying to make up like BB cream, foundation or any kind of face powder. It has a very mild fragrance which is nice to smell. It has SPF 25 which prevents suntan.No sweating after application. A must buy for all sensitive skin. It’s a comparatively non-greasy cream that does not leave any oily residue on your skin.


Ultra Matte Lotion SPF 50

Product description

What it claims–

Lakme sun expert brings to you an ultra-matte lotion that provides broad-spectrum sun protection from UVA anaUVB rays with a non-oily, non-sticky matte finish.SPF 50 shields up to 97% of UVB ray causing sunburns. PA+++  shield from  UVB rays that cause dark spots, premature aging, and skin darkening. It has cucumber extracts and vitamin B 3.

Method of use

For external use only smooth on to your face and exposed parts of your skin at least 20 mins before exposure.Reapply every 3-4 hours for maximum broad spectrum benefits


This is a very good product for summer’s light weighted, nonsticky and with good fragrance. It brightens your skin, Provides sheer glow and a little white cast on a face, but it will disappear. It does not make skin much oily and keeps skin soft with its moisture. It helps to protect your skin from the sun. A little amount is sufficient. Perfect sunscreen. PA+++ is good for India.


Daily multi-function Sun Block SPF 70

Product description

What it claims–

A revolutionary,preservative-free lightweight formulation containing potent herbal extracts that provide high UVA and UVB protection,  tan prevention, prevention, prevention from brown spots and pigmentation, skin lightening and anti-wrinkle from freckles, sunspot, and sunburn,anti-aging properties.

It protects you from the sun. Prevents Pigmentation Has Anti-ageing Properties Helps Prevent Cancer Protects from Freckles Skin Lightening Prevents Brown Spots A revolutionary, Preservative Free and Light Formulation Anti-wrinkle lotion.

Method of use –

Apply it in the morning liberally and evenly on face and exposed parts of body, neck, arm, legs before exposed to the sun.


It gives sun protection and it remains the whole day long. Best for oily acts as a good sunscreen and makes your skin look bright and lovely. The color of this lotion is good and it is more like a compact or BB cream and gives a bright and smooth texture to my face. The structure is almost like a foundation. It is so light, so it cannot be felt. it doesn’t dry the skin. It is a very good product and looks like naturally glowing, no sweat or oily face. A nice product to give total sun protection to our skin and make it look flawless and fair and doesn’t get washed away by sweat.T his product is almost like a makeup cream, blends well with the skin with no oiliness.



daily nourishing lotion

Product description

What it claims–

Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Oil Control Lotion is a daily nourishing lotion for oil control and maintaining skin vitality. with the goodness of Kaolin and glycerin. It gives you an even complexion and soaks up excess oil to give you a matte and gorgeous look.

Method of use –

You need to shake the bottle before applying, as the water always separates out. But it’s really good for oily/combination skin.

Experience –

Lacto Calamine is a product being trust since ages. It is really light, water-based nongreasy, nonalcoholic lotion and gets easily absorbed by the skin. Stops skin darkening.  its a good product for the people who have oily skin. it keeps your skin oil free almost 6 to 7 hours. The fragrance is good. It’s especially only for the oily screen but not for normal to dry skin. One of the products that are recommended by doctors also. 



Product description –

What it claims–

Suncros Aqua Gel SPF 26 is Non-greasy, water-resistant sunscreen especially suited for oily skin, humid conditions and excessive sweating. Contains Nano-sized Zinc Oxide for complete UV-A and UV-B protection. Superior UV-A protection compared to ordinary sunscreens. It is gel-based and water resistant.

Method of use =

Apply it 3-4 times a day between mornings till 4 pm. It takes a minute to absorb properly into your skin. It might look shiny when freshly applied but soon it gets changed into a dewy glow.


It protects the skin against the sun and is free of harmful chemicals. This is a lightweight sunscreen which doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. It is not greasy. It is not greasy but gives a sheen which will go after some time. due to its texture, it can act as a nice primer for your everyday makeup plus the sun protection. This is suggested to me by my dermatologist. Feels good on oily skin. It has a mild fragrance. Good SPF of 26 which is ideal for the Indian climate.



 with lemon

Lightening and Nourishing lotion

Product description –

What it claims–

VLCC Anti Tan Sunscreen lotion with SPF25 and PA+is enriched with lemon and similar other natural ingredients which not only protects your skin from UVA and UVB sun rays but also keeps skin nourished and free from tanning in harsh sunny weather. This sunscreen is paraben free and suitable for all skin types.

Method of use  –

Apply liberally on sun-exposed areas like face, neck, and arm 15 minutes before going out. Reapply frequently for long duration sun exposure.


It suits the skin. It is light weighted, nonsticky so, does not make skin much oily and keeps skin soft with its moisture and skin do not sweat indoor nor outdoors after its application. Provides sheer glow but disappear very soon as it absorbed by the skin after a while. A little amount is sufficient.



Moisturising IMMEDIATE 


Product description –

What it claims–

Nivea Sun Protection SPF 30  is a daily protection lotion providing immediate protection against the harmful UVA/UVB rays.This lotion is ideal for people who want to go out and enjoy the Sun. It absorbs easily,non oily, immediate protection . It is nonsticky, advanced collagen protects to help prevent wrinkle caused by frequent sun exposure and water resistant. 

Method of use  –

Apply evenly all over the body  before sun exposure and reapply frequently to maintain the original protection. Now no need to wait for 20 mins before going out in the sun, just apply and Get Set Go.


NIVEA Sun Lotion has a lightweight and non sticky formula which is qucikly absorbed. It does not cast a white layer on the skin. It protects your skin from UVA and UVB sun rays and keeps skin moisturizers as well. Mostly use as a body lotion.



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