Importance of Looking Presentable

Importance of Looking Presentable

 Importance of Looking Presentable

Appearance Matters :

Importance of Looking Presentable

  •  Every human being likes appreciation. When you get a good compliment on looking presentable or looking good, you will feel happy. So when you feel happy inside you will look healthy outside. So, looking presentable or looking good impact you both mentally and physically to feel happy and to be healthy.
  • Looking presentable or looking good is very important nowadays. Appearance matters in many situations. That is a fact of life. Aesthetics or looking good or presentable are important, just not in the way you think, it is how well you treat yourself and how neat and clean you are to look presentable.


Real life examples :

Presentable look :

⇒ For instance, a person in a well-fitted and wrinkle-free outfit, neat hair, and a little color from makeup, clean fingernails are generally taken more seriously by prospective employers because of presentable look.

Importance of Looking Presentable


Untidy look :

⇒ In the other hand, a person who is untidy in baggy sweatpants, a tattered shirt, dirty nails, and messy hair makes you look lazy and unkempt and a woman in an extremely short and tight dress, with a very low neckline, skin showing dress is not considered as an aesthetic.

Importance of Looking Presentable


Concern for aesthetics :

  •  Beauty is neither bad nor unimportant, Concern for aesthetics, to a certain degree, is necessary for your life, but you don’t need to look like a supermodel to be liked. What It is about is how you are perceived by others is based on how you present yourself.
  •  Being neat and tidy expresses that you have your act together to look presentable. while looking vulgar automatically tags all sorts of negative (though, not necessarily true) traits to you.
  •  If you have an interview over Skype. Surely, you will fix your hair, wear a nice (but decent) top or shirt and maybe even a blazer. This is because you just go for a face-to-face interview and you want your prospective employer to view you as someone professional. You don’t want to show you as someone who isn’t even responsible enough to iron a shirt.

Importance of Looking Presentable


Being healthy :

  • One of the reasons for aesthetics is to start with caring for your internal health. There are so many other aesthetic conditions are there to treat, not just for beauty but also for health.
  • The point is, beauty is not evil, because it is very intertwined with health and wellness.
  • Daily exercise and good nutrition (not dieting) are important factors for healthy looking body and skin. Likewise, having healthy, glowing skin, and fit (not skinny) bodies are signs of good health.

Importance of Looking Presentable


Proper grooming and well fitting dress:

You should look presentable (not vulgar) always. It’s all a matter of proper grooming and well-fitting clothes. This applies to men and women both. In fact, it doesn’t matter what gender, race, height, weight, sexual orientation, or believe you have. No matter who or what you are, appearance and presentability matter always.

Importance of Looking Presentable


Here are the few tips to enhance your dressing sense to improve your personality  —

You do not need to wear designer clothing or clothing done by professional stylists to look good. But being presentable, as opposed to being raunchy or untidy, indirectly tells people that you respect yourself and that you should be respected.

 A well-dressed person gives an impact of being confident, attractive. With a few simple ideas, anyone can dress to impress every day.

For a general rule buy clothes that you could wear tomorrow, so buy pragmatically. To improve the look and style you buy clothes that you can show off easily.

  • Consider your budget :

Importance of Looking Presentable

Upgrading your wardrobe can be an expensive endeavor. If you have a small budget then don’t feel to update everything you own and consider small increment and slowly upgrade whatever is necessary.


  • Shop with a friend :

Importance of Looking Presentable

Take someone to accompany you who has a good fashion sense and plays a devil’s advocate to your style. It will help you to get a good opinion of your certain clothes that you are not sure about and make you take the right decision to buy clothes that will suit you.


  • Considering the right color for you :

Importance of Looking PresentableImportance of Looking Presentable

Everyone has a favorite color which they feel comfortable in. If you find yourself something falls outside your color palette, think hard about it. Try clothes that fit outside your comfort. There is no reason not to buy something if it looks good or fits into a style you are going.


  • Know that your fit is more than just your size :

Importance of Looking Presentable

Finding clothes that do fit you can sometimes be difficult. For tops and shirt measure the shoulder and chest dimensions. The shoulder’s seam should reach the edge of your shoulder and chest should not be too tight, Pants and trousers should fit comfortably around your waist and should not sag.


  • Trial room for experiment in a different style :

Importance of Looking Presentable

Take the clothes that you are imagining an outfit and confused whether it will go well with your body type or personality or not. Bring them to the dressing room. You just try it out in the trial room, it is not necessary that you have to buy it if it is not a suitable dress for you. This will lower the risks of buying something you are hesitant about.


  • Considering the highest quality materials you can afford :

Importance of Looking Presentable

If material or cloth is uncomfortable to wear then don’t go for it for the sack of fashion. First feel the material and ask yourself if you enjoy being wrapped in it. You can pay attention to the fabrics and the percentage used on the tag page.


  • Evaluate whether it suits you and check the comfortability :

Importance of Looking Presentable

Try to check it out whether buttons are gapping, you probably need one size larger. Buying too small can be uncomfortable so no need to feel ashamed to buy a larger size which gives you more comfortability.

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