Avoid gaining weight back
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How To Avoid Gaining Weight Back After Losing It

Top 6 ways to avoid gaining weight back after losing it

Avoid gaining weight back

Do you want to avoid gaining weight back after losing it ?…. Are you serious about maintaining your normal weight? One of the major struggles of people who are losing the major amount of body fat, but keeping it off becomes a struggle for most of them. If this is you here’s your way out of this vicious circle.


Why are you gaining weight back after losing it.

Avoid gaining weight back

This happens because most people look at weight loss and fitness as a short-term fix. People have a mindset that they will go to the gym for 2 to 3 months, loss all the excess body fat and reverse the medical issues that have plagued them and stopped focus attention on their body.


The solution

Your body needs a constant effort that is nutrition plus a regular physical activity to be in optimal physical condition. We provide easy to follow solution to avoid gaining weight back —


  Choose workouts you love

Avoid gaining weight back

  • Weight training is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, you can club up with activities that you enjoy doing, maybe dancing, reading the newspaper, chatting on whats app, solving puzzles etc.
  • You can weight train for 3-4  days and do the activities that you enjoy for the rest of the days.

Avoid gaining weight back

  • It gives you more freshness and energy to go for exercise.


 Avoid going back to old habits

Avoid gaining weight back

  • The mistakes most people make to avoid gaining the weight back is that once they feel that they have achieved some weight loss they stop working out and going back to their old habits.
  • They think this non-enjoyment and non-habit formation fitness plans are self-inflicted torture for them and so need some motivation to get fit again.
  • So, after weight loss also don’t stop doing work out or exercise.



Avoid gaining weight back

  • Lifting weights is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself and it helps you to lose weight, build body muscle, keeps you away from all sort of medical problem and
  • Most importantly it makes you look good.
  • To become a gym member again and start working out. Don’t under impression that weight won’t help.


  Eat more proteins

Avoid gaining weight back

  • Keep your protein levels up along with weight training session which will help you to build the muscle and increases the basal metabolic rate which will make you leaner than eating more food.


  Be active always

  •  Try to be active throughout the day apart from working out for a regular basis.Sit instead of lying down, stand instead of sitting and if you are working in the office setting, take a five minute break every one hour and take a walk.
  • Being active helps you to lose calories than being sedentary, which in turn will help you stay leaner.


 Treat yourself sometimes

Avoid gaining weight back

  •  One single day work out at the gym won’t make you fit, likewise, one healthy meal won’t make you heavy or fat. So an occasional treat to yourself won’t make you gain weight.
  • So, enjoy and treat yourself once in a while without any hesitation and enjoy the food you like to eat moderately.

Most of the people who gained back weight said that when he used to work out and on diet, I was maintained weight but I have gained all weight back. Your body is not an inorganic construct that if you put together, will stay as it is without putting any effort that is a balanced diet and regular physical activities.



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